PEAK 4x4

The SOD PEAK offers everything an expedition vehicle of this class needs - sophisticated, robust technology, remarkable performance and absolute comfort for driver and passengers.

Depending on personal taste, the SOD PEAK 4x4 is available in two different chassis variants:

The SOD PEAK 4x4 2053-6000 is built on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs, with a total weight of 20 tons and an output of 530 hp. The SOD PEAK 4x4 1852-6000 is based on the MAN 18.520 with a total weight of 18 tons and 520 horsepower.

The body was developed by off-road specialists and experienced vehicle builders and, with a length of six metres, offers plenty of space. The interior of the living area impresses with the finest materials and well thought-out details.

This combination creates a truly unique expedition vehicle of the absolute premium class.

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Chassis variants

SOD PEAK 4x4 2053-6000

Mercedes Benz Arocs 2053

Chassis version
Wheelbase 4500mm

Axle load distribution
Weight variant 18.0 t (9.0/9.0)

Engine & Performance
Engine OM471, R6, 12.8 l, 390 kW (530 hp), 2600 Nm, Euro 6e

Clutch & Transmission
Mercedes PowerShift 3


SOD PEAK 4x4 1852-6000

MAN Truck Generation TGS 18.520 4x4 BB CH

Chassis version
Wheelbase 4500mm

Axle load distribution
Weight variant 18.0 t (9.0/9.0)

Engine & Performance
MAN D2676 LFAX, 382 kW (520 hp), 2,650 Nm, Euro 6e

Clutch & Transmission
MAN TipMatic 12.28 OD, with retarder 35

TM cab: the comfortable one

Cab equipment


  • Leather package:
    Driver, passenger seats in perforated leather with
    honeycomb quilting; dashboard, side panels and headliner in leather/Alcantara; applications in nappa leather; Leather handles with hand-stitched seams
  • SOD sound pack:
    specially developed and sound-optimized sound system with separate insulation
  • Starry sky in the cab including color changer (dimmable)
  • additional TV


  • Driver's cab, driver's cab attachments, decorative grille in graphite gray metallic
  • Chassis and wheels jet black


  • LED light bar in front (top)
  • Ambient lights dimmable
  • Rescue cable winch with winding device including remote control

Equipment living area/structure

Basic configuration setup

  • Motorhome box body:
    length approx. 6000 mm; width approx. 2400 - 2550 mm; Height inside approx. 2300 mm
  • Subframe with specially adapted longitudinal and cross members, length approx. 6.0 m; completely hot-dip galvanized; double three-point suspension for heavy off-road use
  • Longitudinal member designed as a tubular profile; outer cross members provided with hole patterns for later assembly of further components; including outer frame all around
  • EW3 window with blackout and insect screen; 4 pieces approx. 1000 x 500 mm
  • Large KCT tempered glass roof hatch with insect screen and blackout; 3 pieces
  • Storage flaps 2 pieces with profile cylinder lock, opening upwards, approx. 1000 x 900 mm
  • Entrance door with insect screen blind approx. 800 x 1900 mm
  • Central locking with coded lock, alternately for body and storage compartment flaps
  • Wall structure from inside to outside:
    2 mm GRP insulation foam - 3 mm GRP; Wall thickness 60-80 mm, depending on specification, reinforcements made of 15 mm profile underneath the GRP layer on the inside at the necessary points


  • Aluminum finish:
    The entire vehicle roof is covered with aluminum duo or quintet sheet metal 3.5 / 5 mm, powder-coated, folded down approx. 100 mm (2x 45°) on the sides, front and rear
  • Hydraulic/electrical basic equipment:
    Equipment of the chassis with a 24V hydraulic system (motor power approx. 3 kW) incl. connection to the vehicle batteries and installation on the vehicle, incl. pressure relief and electric circulation valve; Piping and basic control block including radio remote control for controlling the functions; Black and white functionality of the remote control and control block; Emergency operation via hand lever and hand pump possible.
  • Hydraulically folding rear skid plate
    Installation of a hydraulically operated scissor underrun protection at the rear of the vehicle. Approval according to the new ECE58 R03; Control via radio remote control
  • Access stairs with platform 800 mm, extendable to the side; Extension distance approx. 600 mm; Tubular steel lattice construction, hot-dip galvanized and painted, hydraulically extendable and retractable banister with wooden handrail; Control via radio remote control
  • Hydraulic support system with 4 hydraulic cylinders and automatic levelling, incl. connection to the hydraulic system; Control via radio remote control

Equipment only excerpts, the complete equipment can be found in our sales documents.
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